Krista Dragomer

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Featured image: “Equilibrate” (2014) by Krista Dragomer and Aeric Meredith-Goujon

Krista Dragomer creates drawings, sound art, and multimedia artworks traversing the forest, the empty lot, the altar, the fix-a-flat tire facility, the dinner table, Mt. Olympus, the landfill, Eden and the petri dish. Her works shift in time between the conditions of the ecological present, a projected future, and the mytho-logic soil of life’s beginnings.

Animating the works are a host of questions that arise with the breakdown of the phenomenon we call “nature”: questions about sex, gender, and bodies; questions about production, reproduction, and waste; questions about animality, machine life, and the strange creatures who refuse categorization as either. As a whole her work straddles the affective extremes that arise in the wake of these questions, hovering somewhere between horror and utopia.

In 2012 Krista Dragomer invited Eben Kirksey to become an Anthropologist-in-Residence at the interdisciplinary art space Proteus Gowanus during an exhibition she curated: “Future Migrations: An exploration of the Possibilities and Predicaments of Life in the Anthropocene Future.” For the exhibition Kirksey displayed his “Utopia for the Golden Frog” (co-produced with Mike Khadavi with Grayson Earle) and performed the “Frog Pregnancy Test.”

Dragomer is also a driving force behind the 2014 exhibition “Biopolitical Tactics.”  In collaboration with Bob Pritchard she will present: “Re-wilding the Syrinx,” a multi-channel sound installation comprised of 8 speakers mounted inside fabricated birdhouses on stands.

Dragomer’s work often intersects with bio-artists, anthropologists, biological scientists, environmental and animal studies researchers, and ethno/enviro musicologists. She has collaborated extensively on sound and video installations with filmmaker Rashin Fahandej, has co-created and published numerous graphic essays and works of experimental theory-fiction with Beatrice Marovich (Philosophy and Religion, University of North Dakota), collaborates on sound installations with composer Bob Pritchard (School of Music, University of British Columbia), and on photography projects with the photographer Aeric Meredith-Goujon. In 2013 Dragomer participated in the Ecomusicology Listening Project, organized by Dr. Mark Pedelty (Institute on the Environment, University of Minnesota), that took place as part of the American Musicological Society conference in Pittsburg and the Society for Ethnomusicology in Bloomington. Her works have been exhibited in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, New York, Vancouver, Paris, and Chonqing, China. She holds an MFA in Art History, Visual Art and Theory from the University of British Columbia.

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